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CAAM for SMEs​


Credit analysis for SMEs is quite different from large corporates and mid-corporates. Even within SMEs assessment for small & medium and Micro SMEs is quite different. The customers here are mostly small companies or individuals who run their unit on small scale and hence the credibility of the business is directly linked with the promoter rather than the cashflow of the business per se. There are no proper financial statements. Here the focus of credit assessment would be to establish the veracity of customer’s claim starting from existence of actual business, establishing KYC, bank statement analysis, individual credit scores among others. Such analysis therefore relies on scoring model rather than pure financial statement analysis.

We offer separate variants for both small & medium and Micro SMSs. The LOS systems would be supported by an mobile app for field verification (FI) as well as white label mobile app for the customers to place request for a loan. If an organization already has a mobile app, the same can be integrated with the platform.


Our offerings are

  1. Loan Origination System (LOS): Separate templates for small & medium and Micro SMEs
  2. Loan Management System (LMS): Digitise loan management by streamlining disbursement and post-disbursement control