Lending Products

CAAM for Large and Mid-Corporates


Globnx provides two lending products specifically designed to meet the needs of large, mid-corporates, small and medium SMEs and micro-SMEs.

KreditAccel for large, mid-corporates, small and medium SMEs KreditAccel comes with three sub-applications namely:
  1. Loan Origination System (LOS): Digitise loan origination and approval
  2. Loan Management System(LMS): Digitise loan management by streamlining disbursement and post-disbursement control

This web-based product has been specifically designed to meet the complex credit assessment needs for large and mid-corporates, which rely on detailed balance sheet assessment apart from other tools to approve or reject cases. KreditAccel helps capture relevant data points which can be used for future reference and analysis. It supports across the entire lifecycle of a loan journey starting from pre-deal stage to logging the credit application, risk and support group review and subsequent approval.

Some of its features of the product include:
  • Comprehensive data capture
  • Financial projection modelling
  • Auto computation of key numbers and financial ratios
  • Descriptive credit memo section to provide details about business and also provide commentary on physical and financial performance.
  • 360 risk analysis using comprehensive peer comparison
  • Compliance and other controls
  • Final CAM as pdf copy
  • Underwriter based and Committee based Approval
  • 360-degree view of the portfolio for key stakeholders
  • Risk analytics capability to develop own risk model

We digitise the entire approval process